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Full Service

CorporationsArticles, bylaws, registrations, shareholders agreements, meetings, resolutions, minutes and filings; Registered office
PartnershipsGeneral and limited partnership agreements, including unit partnerships
Joint VenturesIncorporated and unincorporated joint ventures
Corporate FinanceShare subscriptions, private placements, credit facilities, term loans, promissory notes, securities compliance, etc
ContractsEmployment, contractor, sale and purchase, licensing, leasing, distribution, inter creditor, subordination, master services and other agreements; assignments and postponements of claims; releases; terms and conditions, end user license and non-disclosure agreements; privacy and other public or internal policies
Private M&ALetters of intent, due diligence, negotiations, finance, share and asset transactions, pre and post closing work and corporate formalities
LitigationActions and applications, claims and defences, motions, hearings, trials and enforcement; Superior Court of Justice
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