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Business Law & Dispute Resolution

Legal & Commercial Experience

Toronto based corporate lawyer, advising private investors and owner-operators. 9+ years legal, business and management experience.

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Cost-Effective Legal Services

Full life cycle: business ideation, formation, scaling, consolidation, acquisition and disposition (defence and countermeasures as required).

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181 University Ave, Suite 2200
Toronto, ON M5H 3M7

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Deals large and small

Demers has acted for clients on private M&A, TSX.V reverse-takeover negotiations, shareholder and governance matters, corporate fundraising and day-to-day matters (transaction values up to 8 figures).

As a “Big Law” lawyer, he worked for blue chip clients on similarly sized commercial transactions, as well as on large-scale insurance and construction disputes (largest dispute 10 figures in damages sought).

William has an eye for contractual meaning, taking red pen to commonly accepted terms when needed to avert unintended or disadvantageous results. He is a tireless and resolute advocate of his clients’ interests.

Defensive measures first (escalation if necessary)

Demers advises clients on different strategies to properly define commercial boundaries, isolate business purposes and assets, mitigate against risks and reduce liability where possible. This is achieved by use of different legal instruments and vehicles, and through properly defined legal relationships.

Where conflicts arise, whether between shareholders in the same business, hostile or uncooperative would-be participants, or contractual obligors, negotiated settlement is often possible. Where it is not, adjudication of the issue by the appropriate forum may be the best course of action.

William has successfully negotiated the recovery of debts and other disputes, and currently advises and represents clients in respect of commercial litigation before the courts in Ontario.

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Business Formation

When forming a new business, entrepreneurs may do so in their own names, under trading or registered business names, in partnership or joint venture with others, or through a corporation.  The costs, complexities, liabilities, and efficiencies vary.


Business Corporations
(Part I)

As a business owner who has decided to incorporate it is critical to understand the nature of a corporation and its constituents (i.e. its shareholders, directors, management, employees, etc.), and its attributes as a vehicle for profit, tax planning and limitation of liability.


Dispute Resolution

Commercial disputes are an unwanted part of doing business, to say the least.  They are sapping in time and resources, often causing considerable mental and emotional anguish to the parties involved (and those indirectly involved, such as family).  Obtaining a favourable award or successfully thwarting an action comes at a cost.



181 University Avenue, Suite 2200
Toronto, ON M5H 3M7

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